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Le Clignoteur, founded in November 2014, is a non-profit space devoted to the presentation of contemporary art, hosted in a private house in downtown Brussels, Belgium.

Marley White, internal adornment

‘I swept before you came.’

opening friday 29/4 6pm

exhibition from 30/4 to 08/5

friday 5pm – 8pm
saturday 2pm – 7pm
sunday 2pm – 7pm

Marley White uses adornment to explore the unseen forces that influence human behavior. Creating jewelry that is worn inside of the body, she physically connects the internal and external self. A golden heart caught in your throat, a knot of cherries in the gut, strands of hair beaded together with crystal; Whites material sensibility and use of symbolism brings together the metaphoric narratives in each of her pieces. Her unorthodox documentation and instructional texts bring a unique consideration towards our interactions and themes of love, grief and desire. Ambiguously rich, the work is a catalyst for empathy and attempts to connect the unbridgeable gap between human beings.

Marley White is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Los Angeles, CA. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally at venues such as Carpenters Workshop Gallery Paris, FR, The Zuiderzee Museum, NL, Legnica Jewellery Festival, PL, and the The Baltimore Jewelry Center, USA.

In 2020 White was announced as one of the 2020 Windgate-Lamar Fellows by the Center of Craft. Following this award she relocated to the Netherlands to research and establish grounds for this new body of work.